Court Reporting

Arizona Certified Licensed Court Reporters

Depositions, Arbitration Hearings, Conferences: Our Court Reporters have a wide variety of talents and skills in the court reporting field.  When you schedule, you will be able to select what services and expertise you require.  Our system will match you with the best person for the job.  Below are just a few options available.

Interactive Realtime: Connect your laptop to the reporter’s laptop using your interactive realtime software or rent a laptop from us to view through the programs Livenote® or Bridge®.  See the transcript being written on your own laptop and, depending on your software, mark relevant portions and make annotations as the testimony unfolds.

Recorded Video Depositions

  • Your video deposition will be conducted by a certified legal videographer.
  • The video recording is delivered on DVD, time-stamped and synchronized to the transcript.
  • These synchronized files are importable into various litigation-support presentation software such as Trial Director®, Sanction II®, Summation Briefcase®, Trial Pro II®, Discovery®, Deposition Director Case File®, Binder®, or can be viewed independently with InData’s self-contained viewer program.


  • ASCII supplied on CD or via email upon request.
  • PDF; OCR and non-OCR scanned exhibits.
  • Search across one or all files in a case with Adobe’s simple and advanced searching.
  • Min-U-Script offers PDF package with one-click access to all formats and exhibits.
  • Save the environment and delivery costs by using Min-U-Script.
  • Rough drafts can be emailed or delivered on disk.


  • FedEx Overnight or by courier (local).
  • Email: transcripts and rough drafts can be emailed for immediate access.

Other Services Our Court Reporters Offer

» Dailies and expedites
» Meetings and conferences
» Internet reporting/digital reporting
» Interpreters
» Expert/technical reporters
» ASCII Condensed Dirty
» LiveNote ™
» E-Transcripts ™
» Conference rooms/deposition suites
» Legal videography
» Real-time reporting
» Videoconferencing
» Last minute scheduling
» Arbitrations and hearings
» Class action suits
» Expert Witnesses